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February 09, 2007


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I really like your definition of PR. Sharing accurate, attractive and exciting information about a client to the public sounds like something any company would want from a PR practitioner!


Don't forget the word "leverage" ... needs to be on everyone's do not use list! But seriously, welcome to the blogosphere, I'm really looking forward to reading your blog and your smart thinking that I've already had the chance to experience in our limited work together. And thanks for the great shot of HK - takes me back to a moment several years ago where I snuck atop the roof of Victoria Peak and stood high above skyscrapers. I may never get that high again ... there's really no place like Hong Kong.

giles rhys jones

actually looks like the view from my old flat on robinson road. it is astonishing that pr is often not given the justice it deserves. given the impact of next generation internet on exactly who is trusted, their sheer volume and fragmented nature, how to influence them is increasing in importance. i look forward to reading more from you.

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