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February 07, 2009


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Lovely stuff


Very apt indeed.
In these parts people are so busy trashing apps that I think they may unwittingly END the Digital word indeed!:(
Thank God for the youth!

Gurprriet Siingh

Very appropriate and relevant. At 38 years of age, I always believed I hadn't aged much, and was young for my age. And then I realized, I didn't know what Twitter was. I didn't have a blog, I won't know what the hell W00t! means either..

While I was busy doing stuff, the world has changed. My kids gather and share opinion on Text messages and the internet, at the speed of light! They're far more opinionated and selective than I ever was. Brand loyalty..what's that? If you make one mistake you're dumped. And you could be dumped because you're uncool!

It was interesting reading this note, because I hadn't realized how much life is suddenly changing for PR folks. While celebrities continue to be influencers, the net has spawned a whole new tribe which looks up to an additional set of influencers.

I notice 2 people on Twitter who're always writing about new technology, and each has over 200,000 followers! Now that's influence.


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